Classroom Organization: Must-Have’s for the Classroom

This is post #3 in my series of classroom organization blogs. The first blog was all about getting started and coming up with a classroom organization game plan. The next one was all about having some habits and routines in place to keep your classroom organized all year long. And I just didn’t think that I could have a series of classroom organization blogs without sharing some of my favorite items for classroom organization! So here are some of my favorite classroom organization items!

10-drawer cart

This cart is definitely one of my favorite items for paper organization. The drawers I have are: extras, prep, copy, grade, masters, file, next week, future, important, and mtss. I purchased my cart from Michael’s but there’s one on Amazon too!

teacher tool box

Okay it took me a couple of years to hop on the teacher tool box train, but I’m so glad I did and now I’ll never go back! It’s the perfect way to organize all of the little supplies that you want easily accessible, and I love it! I upgraded to this white one last year and absolutely love it!

magazine files

Okay these don’t last forever but they’re so darn cheap that it doesn’t matter. I use them for the materials and things that I will need for the week, hence the days of the week labels. I love using these because I can see everything and it’s right there ready to go! You can grab them here or if you want to go a sturdier route here is different option!

milk crates

These plastic milk crates are great for organizing papers. I use them to organize student data as well as unit resources! I love that they come in so many cute colors now and they’re super affordable! Here is a white one but be on the lookout around back to school season for all of the colorful ones!

3-drawer organizer

Love this little 3-drawer organizer for papers. I have a few…I use some to organizer papers in my student area, and some to organize things like cardstock, laminator sheets, etc in my teacher area. I had a hard time finding a link online but they have them at Target and Walmart.

hanging magazine rack

This hanging magazine rack is another one of my favorite ways to organize papers in my classroom. I use one for storing my cardstock and another one for organizing papers I’m sending home with students. (Sidenote: One question I get a lot is how do I hang it? I have a strip of corkboard on the top of my whiteboard and I use push pin hooks to hang it on there. I get the push pin hooks from Target. I can’t link them for you because they’re not on the website right now, but they’re by ubrand and in the supply section if you want to try to find them:))

3-tiered rolling cart

This cart was one of my very first purchases for my classroom and it’s been with me 10 years! I got it from ikea, and they don’t make it in this color anymore but here’s a white. You can also find them at Target, Michael’s, or Amazon. I’ve used it for many different things over the years: guided reading cart, student supplies cart, and most recently my little sanitizing/cleaning supply cart

hanging containers

Hands down one of my favorite items for organization! These are from ikea and only 99 cents! I use them for my whiteboard supplies and tech stuff like my board remote and pens! I also hang one on the side of my rolling cart (see above) for bandaids!

supply caddies, baskets, and bins…oh my!

I love having a variety of different caddies, bins, and baskets to organize ALL the things! I love having a place for everything, so having enough of these is key. Pro tip: I always look for utensil organizers and things in the target dollar spot (especially during summer)! These are perfect caddies for markers, pens, etc! The marker organizer pictured above was something I found in the target dollar section!

My absolute favorite and cheap bins are from the Dollar Tree! I only like purchasing them in white:) so I always look for them in the store, but you can get them online too! They’re only a $1 so they’re not amazing quality but they hold up pretty well for the price, and they’re so cheap that I don’t mind stocking up on more each year!

I also love these bins from target and always love looking for baskets from Homegoods!

here are a few more honorable mentions:

>Data Cart (this is definitely one of faves but I have a whole blog post devoted to it so I decided to leave it off of this list)

>Clip Boxes : I love using these to organize math centers

>Paper Trays : I actually get a lot of these from the Dollar Tree too!

>Dish Organizer (to organize laptops) + Cord Organizer

>Shoe Organizer (to organize headphones)

>Student Binders + Pencil Pouches: in our class my students use basic 1-inch binders (I love using these binder covers!) and pencil pouches for their individual supplies and papers! This is honestly one of my favorite systems and I feel like I may devote a whole blog post about it in the future 🙂

Don’t forget to check out my other classroom organization blogs on setting up a game plan and habits and routines to keep your classroom organized all year long! You can also check out some of my favorite organization items on this Amazon list! Hopefully some of these ideas will help you with your classroom organization!

Happy organizing friends!

(Please note: some of the links included in this blog post are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission if purchases are made using the link, so thanks for the love and support!)

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