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Tips for Organizing Your Classroom

It’s no question that when it comes to my classroom I’m super Type A. What can I say? I just function better in a clean and organized space. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tips with you! Don’t forget to check out my other classroom organization posts here!

.have a plan.

It may sound simple but have a plan! Sit down and truly map out a plan. Think about how your organization and classroom decor can work together to make a truly functional space. If you want help with this process, I gotchu! This post has a detailed explanation of the process!

.make sure everything has a place.

Have a place for EVERYTHING! (and don’t forget about your papers)! When you’re coming up with your plan, keep this in mind! If you have a place for everything, nothing is ever out of place. If you have a place for all those papers, those papers don’t pile up! If you have a place for all your teacher supplies, they stay organized and tidy. Need some ideas? Check out this post where I share some of my classroom organization must-have’s!

.keep things neutral.

Keep things neutral! Okay this might just be a personal preference BUT hear me out! If you buy your bins, baskets, carts, etc in neutral colors you’ll be able to keep them around a lot longer! Think white, black, gray, and natural tones. A great way to add color is with your labels! Trust me on this one! Sure I have pops of color here and there but most of my organizational things are neutral and I’ve had them around for years because they match with any color scheme! Some of my fav neutral organizing things are all linked here!

.set up habits and routines.

This is an important one! Have some habits and routines in place that keep you organized! Normalize putting things away in their place right after you use them. Devote some time every day and week to tidying and organizing your space. Have a monthly project, pick one thing to tidy up each month that needs a little extra TLC. Wanna read more about some habits and routines I have in place to keep my classroom organized all year long? Then you gotta go read this post, and remember…your systems only work if YOU do!

.get your students involved.

Last, but not least! Get your students in on the fun! How do you do this you may ask? Be very explicit about teaching your students about the organization systems in the classroom. Hold them accountable for doing their part and keep it consistent! Have routines and things in place to keep them organized. Not only does this help keep the space organized for all, but it teaches your kiddos some organization skills!

Welp, that’s all! I hope those tips help you a little with your organization journey and don’t forget to check out these other posts on classroom organization for even more tips and advice!

You’re also gonna want to check out my classroom organization handbook! Click below to download! Happy organizing friends!

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