some things I’ll be doing in my classroom this month: bts edition

Welcome to the first edition of “some things I’m doing in my classroom this month”, a place where I’ll share five things I’ll be doing in my classroom each month as well as a resource that supports it!

So here’s what I’ll be doing during back to school season:

1. All the classroom set-up things:

Decorating, organizing, etc. and I’ll be using the Modern + Simple Decor Pack to help me!

2. Using classroom slides to plan and organize my day

Classroom slides are literally one of my favorite teaching tools! They help me plan my day, and maximize instructional time by creating a seamless flow to our day! Check out my Classroom Slides Bundle, and if you want to read more about Classroom Slides check out this blog post!

3. Getting to know my students

First of all, I’ll be using these All About Me slides. I love using the digital version so we can also go over Google Classroom and Google Slides during this time. I also love to do a few things at the beginning of each school year to get to know my students as mathematicians.

I’ll be using the Get To Know You activities in this Math Love Resource Pack, which includes a Math Autobiography, Math Survey, Math Strengths Sheet, and Math Identity Journal.

4. Building our Math-Focused Classroom Community

I’ll also be using the Math Love Resource Pack to launch some important values and norms that will help us lay the foundation for our Math-Focused Classroom Community.

Some of the lessons I do the first couple of week of school are: discuss what it means to be a mathematician, build our norm around positive self-talk and communication, and talk about productive struggle! Check out some of my favorite read-alouds that I love to read the first few weeks of school (contains affiliate links)!

5. Introducing my students to STEM role models

Introducing your students to role models in the STEM field is a great way to broaden your students definition of what it means to be a mathematician or scientist, and how these things are used in the world around them! I’ll be using my STEM Squad resource to help me, and reading some of my favorite read-alouds about STEM people!

I hope that was helpful and you heard about something that you’d like to try in your classroom this month! Make sure to check all of these resources out in my tpt store!

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