The Why Behind Using Classroom Slides

Have you ever felt like you have a million tabs open on your computer? Or like you’re switching back and forth between a ton of different things: doc cam, timers, videos, etc? That you have to repeat directions multiple times? Or that you just need something to help you stay on track and organized throughout your day?

Well I have a solution for you! Classroom slides! Not only do classroom slides help you streamline your planning and lessons, but they also maximize instructional time by making those transitions quick and easy and improving the flow in your classroom.

And that’s just the start! Let me share why I love classroom slides so much and why you need to use them in your classroom! (sidenote: this is a tried and true teacher tool! I’ve used classroom slides in my classroom since I began teaching in 2012 and have never looked back!)

reasons why classroom slides are the best:

#1 maximize planning and instructional time

I already mentioned this a bit but let’s talk more about it! Instructional time is maximized because everything you need is right in your slides: timers, videos, screenshots of handouts, directions, you name it. Therefore, you’re spending less time accessing those things and more time teaching.

It also helps with my planning because I have a consistent outline for my slides and each time I create a new set I’m not starting from scratch. I’m able to use my unpacked standards and plug that information into my slides. I can also recycle slides each year and adjust them as needed. And I know when I’m finished with my slide set for the lesson that I have a comprehensive, thorough, and effective lesson ready to go!

#2 consistent visual for all students

In my classroom, all of my students know where to look if they need information…and it’s usually our slides! Everything I say out of my mouth is usually referenced on my slides in some way. This makes it a consistent place for students to refer to when needed.

They’re also a great support for all learners (not just my visual ones) because they have valuable learning supports like sentence frames, academic vocabulary, math supports, and more!

They support management because students know where to go if they need directions repeated. Timers help students stay on task and know how much time they have to complete an activity. Not only is this helpful for students but also you!

#3 keep us on track

To tie it altogether, they keep us on track! I am confident that my slides have everything I need to stay on track throughout the day. I don’t need to refer to notes to make sure that I’m not missing anything because it’s ALL there!

Students know they have a consistent visual to refer to throughout the day, every day!

Instructional time is maximized and your day flows seamlessly because you have everything you need right there in your slides! Sounds like the perfect teacher tool right? Well, I have one more benefit for you…

#4 support effective, thorough, and engaging lessons

Like I said, I know when I finish a slide set for a lesson that it is comprehensive, throrough, and effective. It has all of the questions I’m asking my students, problems were solving, and supports that my students and I need.

My students are engaged because they have the supports they need, the flow of the lesson supports pacing, they’re a great visual, and they know exactly what we’re doing.

I can also add components to the slides that make the lessons interactive, and if you have a smartboard you can do this too! I love adding moveable math tools so my students can come up to the board and show us their math thinking. I can also have them write on the board to show us how they solved. This makes it more engaging and puts the heavy lifting on the students, which is always a win-win in my book!

#5 added bonus…

And because I hate even numbers, I have one more reason for you! If I haven’t convinced you yet, here’s an added bonus! They’re fun to create and fun for your students to see! I love switching my slide themes up every month because it’s fun for me to put some creativity into it, and my students always love seeing them!

I have the PERFECT resource for you full of fun and unique classroom slides! They have everything you need: tons of editable slide templates, custom headers, blank backgrounds and clip art, so you can get creative and make it your own! You gotta check them out, I promise you won’t regret using this resource in your classroom!

As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions and happy teaching!

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Tips for Organizing Your Classroom

It’s no question that when it comes to my classroom I’m super Type A. What can I say? I just function better in a clean and organized space. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tips with you! Don’t forget to check out my other classroom organization posts here!

.have a plan.

It may sound simple but have a plan! Sit down and truly map out a plan. Think about how your organization and classroom decor can work together to make a truly functional space. If you want help with this process, I gotchu! This post has a detailed explanation of the process!

.make sure everything has a place.

Have a place for EVERYTHING! (and don’t forget about your papers)! When you’re coming up with your plan, keep this in mind! If you have a place for everything, nothing is ever out of place. If you have a place for all those papers, those papers don’t pile up! If you have a place for all your teacher supplies, they stay organized and tidy. Need some ideas? Check out this post where I share some of my classroom organization must-have’s!

.keep things neutral.

Keep things neutral! Okay this might just be a personal preference BUT hear me out! If you buy your bins, baskets, carts, etc in neutral colors you’ll be able to keep them around a lot longer! Think white, black, gray, and natural tones. A great way to add color is with your labels! Trust me on this one! Sure I have pops of color here and there but most of my organizational things are neutral and I’ve had them around for years because they match with any color scheme! Some of my fav neutral organizing things are all linked here!

.set up habits and routines.

This is an important one! Have some habits and routines in place that keep you organized! Normalize putting things away in their place right after you use them. Devote some time every day and week to tidying and organizing your space. Have a monthly project, pick one thing to tidy up each month that needs a little extra TLC. Wanna read more about some habits and routines I have in place to keep my classroom organized all year long? Then you gotta go read this post, and remember…your systems only work if YOU do!

.get your students involved.

Last, but not least! Get your students in on the fun! How do you do this you may ask? Be very explicit about teaching your students about the organization systems in the classroom. Hold them accountable for doing their part and keep it consistent! Have routines and things in place to keep them organized. Not only does this help keep the space organized for all, but it teaches your kiddos some organization skills!

Welp, that’s all! I hope those tips help you a little with your organization journey and don’t forget to check out these other posts on classroom organization for even more tips and advice!

You’re also gonna want to check out my classroom organization handbook! Click below to download! Happy organizing friends!