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Classroom Organization: Setting Up a Functional Teacher Area

For the last blog post in my organization series I thought I’d give you a closer look at my teacher area. If you read my first blog about classroom organization then you know that when I start setting up my classroom organization the first thing I think about are the different areas in my classroom . Then I focus on each area and think about the stations within this area, as well as what will go in that specific area. This specific area is a space in my room that is super functional and organizes all of my teacher stuff. It’s a dual-functioning area because I use it as both my teacher area and small group area. It’s really where all the magic happens! So here we go!

Here’s a breakdown of what I keep in this area:

Keep scrolling for a closer look and don’t forget to read the captions for some more details!

this cart holds all of my technology: laptop and doc cam. To the left in the hanging containers are things like whiteboard markers and my smartboard remote and pens
my 10-drawer cart organizes some of my important papers, so helpful in taming all of the
paper piles that tend to build up!
some of my essentials all in one spot + materials and supplies for small group instruction
I love having a few of my most used things easily accessible, like my to-do notepad, pens/markers, binder clips, my bluelight glasses, and hand sani of course. The supply caddy holds pens, flairs, markers, etc
just another look at this station that holds some of my most used supplies, papers, etc.
I love having this little gallery wall in my teacher area, it definitely sparks joy!
these shelves house a lot of things! My daily resources are organized in the magazine files. My teacher toolbox has a bunch of office supplies. The 3-drawer organizer holds extra card stock, printer paper, and laminating sheets. The milk crates at the bottom are for unit resources and some student data.
the whole shebang! I love using the high table as both a “teacher desk” when I need it and as my small group table! (PS these bed risers are great for making tables higher in your classroom!)

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at my teacher area/small group area. This area truly has everything I need and is an organized and functional space for me. If you’d like to read more about some habits and routines I have in place to KEEP this space organized, check out this blog post!

If you’d like to check out some of the specific items I use to organize this area, check out this blog post or some of my favorite organization items here!

Welp, that’s a wrap! Happy organizing, friends!

download my classroom organization handbook here!